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Archive for September 2012

At the Doctor’s Office

So my husband, Terry Shank, visited a new doctor’s office today.  Terry’s name was mispronounced multiple times (ie:  Mr. Shanks and Mr. Shark) throughout the duration of the visit by various staff members.  His name really isn’t that hard to pronounce after all.  And the doctor never called […]

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People Remember People

I used to believe that in order to be known as “the Hostest with the Mostest” there had to be a grand food presentation, the house had to be spotless and it all cost more money than I had.  I don’t believe that any more.  It all simply […]

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Practicing Hospitality

Have you ever taken care of your neighbor’s yard while they were away, sent a card when someone was sick, or invited someone to come stay with you when you discovered a need?  That’s practicing Hospitality!  Share your examples to stir our thinking!!!

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The Broken Bracelet

I was given a very nice bracelet by someone dear to me. Shortly after receiving it – it broke. I knew the boutique where it was purchased – a shop I had only been in once before – in another state. The next time I traveled to […]

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