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Archive for October 2012

Did You Hear Me?

People want to be heard.  Whether it’s in your workplace or along the way, people receive value from you when you listen to them.    

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The Old Switcherooo!

So today I had a regular doctor’s visit – follow up to some routine bloodwork.   I show up early, sign in and sit down to wait.  My name is called by my favorite nurse in the whole wide world, Stacie.  As the door opens I see a […]

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How are you? Fine.

“Hi,  how are you?”  Typical welcome around here.  “Fine.”  Typical response.  I don’t like the word “Fine.”  When people care about people “Fine” never answers a thing.  It’s fake.  So, I’m on a campaign to stop the “Fine” response.  Why not join me?  Try this:  If someone […]

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Value?  When it comes to Customer Service Value has two meanings.  Value is the actual monetary worth of the service.  And Value is offering the customer worth in the process of the purchase.  Both critical to a good outcome for the customer.  Where have you gone recently that offered both?

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The Colonel’s Wife

The Colonel’s Wife,  my mom, was expected to entertain with class because of Dad’s position.  Sometimes an expectation can cause our actions to become obligatory.  Not in Mom’s case!  She dearly loved people.  Status never mattered.  Her door was always open to whomever needed a meal, a […]

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“I’m so busy…..”  Is this you today?  Why?

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