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Archive for December 2012

You Have Permission

The other day I was running 90 miles an hour trying to accomplish “THE LIST” I had to do.  I shared my impossible-to-complete-list with my friend….who very carefully and very purposefully responded with “You have permission to NOT accomplish everything on that list.  You have permission to take […]

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“The Innkeeper”

Is there room in your Inn? Of all the “Thoughts” I could bring to your attention, as a Christmas Gift from me to you, I would ask you to consider this one .  Take a deep breath and position yourself to receive – because there is a gift […]

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Choose Me!

  We all wear an “internal sign” that says Choose Me!  Have you ever been in a huge room full of people where someone you admire singles you out, moves toward you and engages in a conversation with you.  That just feels good, doesn’t it.  We all […]

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Rainy Day Blessings.

It has been such a delight to serve hundreds of guests over the 9+ years I have worked at WinShape Retreat.  One of my favorite ways to serve is during pouring down rain.  Now you are thinking I’m probably crazy but I welcome this opportunity.  Our Retreat […]

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