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Archive for January 2013

The Adventure!

When your customer approaches you with a need try embracing the challenge with the Heart of an Adventurer!  

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On Time!

I went to my hairdresser, Donna, today.  I was on time; so was she!  As I stepped in the door she greeted me with a big smile and walked me to her station.  This is her normal routine.  It is so refreshing to be served by her in excellence […]

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The “TO’s”

I heard a Pastor preach on “What do you do in the “TO’s”?”  (It’s that “TO ” that is between the glories:  from glory “TO” glory…  2 Cr 3:18)  It’s that low place.  The place between “things were going so well.”  We have such a unique position […]

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Card Overload!

EVERY store/restaurant I frequent these days wants me to get their card for special offers, emails, blah, blah, blah.  If I carried all the cards of the stores I frequent I would need a seperate backback!  I am waiting for the business that decides it is more profitable and more […]

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Christmas Eve Blessing!

Terry and I got sick while we were in Florida on our family Christmas Vacation.  Not so fun.  We googled a Doctor available on Christmas Eve morning and believe it or not we found one – that took walk-in’s.  Amazing!  But what was even more amazing was the […]

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