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Archive for April 2013


Grandad Gene (Terry’s Grandad)  had nicknames for his children and grandchildren. (Norma was Sook; Terry is Bullwinkle #1, Annie is Cherry Bomb – and lots more!) We were at a Christmas gathering right after Terry and I were married.  The room was FULL of family.  The nicknames were flying around the […]

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Removing Aloneness

Do you find it awkward to know what to say when someone is hurting?  Sometimes we say nothing for fear of saying the wrong thing.  Could it be that you could just come alongside that hurting person and remove aloneness.  You really don’t have to say anything. This […]

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Practice Hospitality

Can you remember when you first started riding your bike without training wheels?  It was a bit scary and challenging, yet exciting!   It didn’t take long to get the rhythm, balance and comfort of it all.  Whose home do you enjoy visiting?  Why not ask that friend if you […]

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The Blessings in TEXTS!

Weary.  I’m in it.  A season of flat out weariness.  And in this season flowed the most wonderful encouragements – TEXTS!  Here is a sampling of actual texts I received:  “I am thinking of you this morning.”  “The word “weary” kept coming to my heart so I […]

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