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Archive for January 2014

Life Lessons From a Carpet Stain

My friend, Kyle, forwarded this article to me this week.  (Thanks, Kyle!) It’s a good read!   Take a moment and enjoy! Life lessons from a carpet stain      

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This Place is Great!

What business do you frequent that you know is going to treat you right as a customer?  I’ll share one first:  Lavender Mountain Hardware & Garden in Rome, GA.  These folks are always kind and considerate, ready to go the second mile to help me if I […]

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Get Understanding

The coffee station had those little vanilla, hazelnut and regular half and half creamers.  I was standing there talking with a guest while she was preparing her coffee.  She was looking around as if trying to find something.  I asked if I could help.  She asked if […]

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Less Gives More

Richard Foster wrote a wonderful book called “The Celebration of Discipline.”  Interesting play on words, huh:  Celebration and Discipline.  One of the disciplines Foster defines is really speaking to me these days:  the Discipline of Simplicity.  Simple.  Keep it Simple.  Simplicity brings such freedom to our lives. […]

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