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Archive for March 2014

Me. Disheveled.

From a hospitality viewpoint we try to stay a step ahead of our guests and anticipate what they will need.  We then prepare for that guest by getting what they will need in place for them to receive that superior service.  I recently was serving a guest […]

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#7 of 7 Ways to Win at Relationships!!!

MIND THE GAP!   Basically, if trust is beginning to slip away between you and another person a GAP begins to develop.  The longer the GAP is ignored is directly proportional to the lack of trust.  Take the high road, would you?  Go toward that person and […]

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#6 of 7 Ways to Win at Relationships

“I was wr…..  I was wron……  I was wrong.  I was WRONG.”  Though these 3 words may be hard for you to say (admit) they are more powerful than you might think.  Go ahead and admit it when you know it to be true.

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#5 of 7 Ways to Win at Relationships

Want others to be honest with you?  Take the first step by being honest with yourself.  Examine your own heart for motivators, biases, attitudes, sincerity and maybe even prideful manipulating.  You reap what you sow.

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