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Archive for May 2014

A Coffee Experience???

What is it that sets the stage for a great cup of coffee experience?  Is it convenience, price, the quality of the coffee, the aroma of the room, the one serving you the coffee, the type of cup or mug?  What is it?  I need to hear […]

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I’ll Save a Seat For You!

Such power in the phrase “I’ll save a seat for you.” It  brings comfort knowing someone got there first and is watching and waiting for you.  You have a reservation of sorts.  You have a promise to bank on in the rush of the moment. Consider this verses: […]

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The Errand

  I was spending some time with my dad at his home when he was about 75 years old or so.  We were just sitting together sharing a cup of coffee when he said for me to get in the car; we had an errand to run. […]

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