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Archive for February 2015


I’m sitting here on the couch in a condo in Rosemary Beach, Florida listening to the waves crash on the beach.  They crash. And again….etc….  Somehow I never grow weary of hearing them.  It’s comforting, restful, and welcoming.  When I thought of that word “welcoming” I wondered […]

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Not Boiling mad… but Boiling in a good way! Romans 12:11 not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; That word, fervent.  Also means:  Zeal,  Fervor,  To boil.  (Boiling!  I love the visual of the action of those bubbles!)  It’s one thing to serve […]

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The Welcome Mat Series: Part 6 – Final: Waiting

As I wind up The Welcome Mat Series I wanted to be sure to mention one more thing.  What is it about someone waiting for you, expecting and anticipating your arrival?  What about Greg and Tammy awaiting the arrival of a single C-5 Galaxy at Marine Corps […]

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