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Archive for March 2015

The Other Side – Part 1- Processes and Standards

I, as a customer, welcome being thought of when processes and standards are being set.  For instance, I was in a hurry one evening.  Needed to get dinner handled quickly so I could get to the next thing.  I called ahead to Baxby’s (name change!) and ordered our dinner. […]

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Who Loved First?

What motive do we have to love and care for those around us?  Why even pay attention or spend the energy on others?  The underlying motive is love.  So where did this love for others come from?  There is a progression.  Jesus loves me.  It is so […]

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Strangers or Angels?

How interesting!  This verse in Hebrews says I won’t know when I entertain an angel – but if I entertain a stranger it could be an angel.  Now that’s enough to peek my interest!  But I guess I’ll never know…

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