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Look around at the rules you have in place. Are they for or against the guest experience. Are some rules just there because of history? Examine every rule. Does it enhance or diminish the customer experience? Is it a stupid rule? Why not change it TODAY?

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Police the Area.

My Dad was a Colonel, USAF.  And with that came some pretty distinct “behaviors” that he instilled in my brother, John, and me.  One was “Police the Area!”  When we would go camping or spend the day picnicking at the lake the last command before we left was […]

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The Other Side – Part 4 – Processes and Standards

Here’s a recent situation for you.  I was seated at a dining table with about a dozen other folks recently.  One of the guests at my table called the server over and said that her chicken was under-cooked.  The server said he would check on that for […]

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The Other Side – Part 3- Processes and Standards

What is the “surprise” request from your customer that keeps on happening?  That one thing that you haven’t embraced as a part of the service you should provide?  That exception to the rule that should now become a rule?  When we first opened WinShape Retreat, almost 12 […]

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The Other Side – Part 2- Processes and Standards

Well, I’m wondering how the standard was determined to serve me, the guest, in this situation.  You tell me what you think. Here goes:  Terry and I stayed in a Hampton Inn last Saturday night.  They serve a “complimentary” breakfast with each room night.  Sunday morning I strolled […]

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