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Archive for May 2015

Create Emotional Connection – Part 3

Topic:  A Car Purchase. A couple of days after the wife traded in her old car her husband dropped her off to pick up her new one.  After they got home her husband asked her how the new car drove.  The wife totally skirted that question and then exclaimed […]

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Create Emotional Connection – Part 2

If I could SHOUT through the words on this page then consider it done!  I call myself The OPEN Door Consultant but I don’t compare to this young man who made a total change in his life by literally opening doors. I’m arrested by his courage!!! One […]

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Create Emotional Connection – Part 1

I recently heard of a high end hotel that welcomes pets.  Huge plus!  Upon check-in the guest is asked if he/she brought a pet.  If the guest didn’t the hotel staffer offers one.  Yes, you read right.  They offer one:  a goldfish.  The guest is told they […]

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Sam says…

A thought from Sam Walton….

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