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Archive for June 2015

Inside Out.

What’s on the inside of your business shows up on the outside of your business.  Check your hiring practices.  Protect your culture.  Hire Heart; train skills.

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Create Emotional Connection – Part 6

I have the distinct honor and privilege to minister at The Normandy Inn at WinShape Retreat.  This past Sunday we welcomed 5 couples in crisis to our facility.  Two nationally respected therapists led the event that officially ended this evening.  When it’s all said and done this […]

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Create Emotional Connection – Part 5

I saw a fellow staff member do something for a guest one time that really caught my attention.  We were attending to a group of 12 or so guests while they were having dinner.  One of the guests sneezed.  As a community most at the table said […]

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Create Emotional Connection – Part 4

Why it is that there is always a time box on that one thing that you have to find?  I had hunted and hunted for a very specific article of clothing for a wedding.  Many a department store left in my tracks.  Finally tried one more.  At […]

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