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Archive for August 2015

On Earth as it is in Heaven?

…. On Earth as it is in Heaven… Can it be, Really? Consider a group of Christians from all denominations, from all across America, and of all ages. Serve this group, give them good food, provide a beautiful place for them to stay, and free them from […]

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Honor Others First

I was chatting with a co-worker today.  (He is a good, humble man.)  We were just talking about life, our neighborhoods, the people there and such.  He told me about his “neighbor lady” who lived alone.  For more than 7 years now he has been mowing her […]

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Romans 1 2:13 Practice Hospitality Practice is intentional.  I think of all the things I’ve practiced.  There was a season I was determined to learn how to paint the interior walls of my house.  In the beginning I was absolutely terrible.  So bad that Terry, out of self […]

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The Goodness of Hospitality: Saving Lives.

Nicholas Winton, Who Saved Hundreds Of Jewish Children From The Holocaust, Dies At 106   July 1, 2015. Dubbed the “British Schindler,” Winton helped 669 Jewish children avoid a grim fate by smuggling them out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. In a 1939 letter, penned as he worked to help […]

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