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Archive for September 2015

Missions: Haiti

I have so much. REALLY. So it’s time to do something for those that don’t. My focus: the people of Haiti. I’m going back again at the end of October and I’d like to bless the folks there that truly could use some help. I’m specifically thinking […]

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What’s The Cost?

This customer was WRONG.  Watch and see… The customer is not always right. What do you do when one of your customers, who you truly desire to serve well, is verbally abusive? I’m in line with what this cashier did. Customer Service cannot be a cost […]

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Celebrating Humanity.

This week I read two different stories about employees of exemplary businesses going above and beyond for their customers.  One was a Chick-fil-A manager fixing a flat tire for a guest.  The other was a Publix manager responding to a mom ordering groceries for her son who was too […]

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