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Archive for February 2016

The Results Are…

The Results Are:   Food or Service?  Conclusion:  Good Food Must Be!  But Service is still important.  FOOD AND SERVICE BOTH MATTER AND THEY GO TOGETHER. Little did I know the interesting feedback that would come from this question.  You all had strong opinions on this, for […]

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A little over a year ago I became aware of a need at primary school of more than 150 children.  The director of the school wants to feed the kiddos lunch every day for the school year.  He knows that most of these children probably don’t even eat […]

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Food or Service?

I really need some feedback from y’all if you don’t mind. Which would you choose if you had to: Good food or good service? Kindness Challenge Week 6:  Donate blood.

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Sitting in the Back of the Truck

I just got back from Haiti a couple of days ago.  I was there for 8 days.  (Thus no Theta’s Thursday Thought last week.)  We three ladies that traveled together had several suitcases.  To ensure the suitcases stayed safe two very kind servant-minded men road for hours in the back […]

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