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Archive for March 2016

Do for One

Do for one even if you can’t do for all.   Kindness Challenge Week 11 & 12 (I forgot one last week!):   ***Tangibly celebrate another’s accomplishment. ***When running errands make it a point to hold the door open for others.  

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Light in the Window

I am of the understanding that a light in a window in an invitation for wayfaring travelers to know there is a safe place to rest and recover before continuing on their journey.  I like that idea to have that place to offer.  I even have those […]

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See and Say

The See and Say!  I loved playing this with my kids and now I get to play it with my grands!   This toy reminds me of something I heard from Billy Booey the other day.  He mentioned a principal that I love:  see a gift; say a gift.  What […]

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Do It Well!

  Kindness Challenge Week 10:  Take a meal to someone in need.

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Now is the Time!

  Now is the time! GET YOUR CALENDARS OUT !   Set aside time with your entire staff to  Play, Learn and Grow TOGETHER!   Kindness Challenge Week 9:  Leave a note of encouragement on a fellow employee’s desk.

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