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Archive for April 2016

Like a _____#1

Hospitality is like a serving tray.  It is a solid trusted delivery system you carry to meet the needs of those your serve. Kindness Challenge Week 12 & 13:   —Smile & greet all strangers you meet —Sending an actual birthday card to someone… & friends …instead […]

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Afraid of the “No.”

Am I ever a work in progress……. I had a deep desire to go to bat for a friend in need.  I couldn’t meet the need myself; I had to ask another.  And I really didn’t want to hear a “No”  but there was a very good […]

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Word of the Week:  Attune Take a moment to read this definition and see how this word could play out in your day! at·tune verb make receptive or aware. “a society more attuned to consumerism than ideology” accustom or acclimatize. “students are not attuned to making decisions” […]

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