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Archive for July 2016

Like a ______#2

Hospitality is like a grandchild running out to greet you with kisses and hugs. (Thanks to Ernie Fitzgerald for suggesting this one!  The photo I chose is of our 2 oldest granddaughters and my husband, Terry!) Kindness Challenge Week 29:  Listen to conversations and what is important to […]

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What’s Your Automatic Response?

I’m thinking about those automatic responses – those moments when you “spill” what’s on the inside right out there in front of everyone – even before you have had a chance to think.  Does your normal lean toward a positive response or a not so good one?  For […]

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Why Did You Read My Rant?

  OK, I’m curious.  Really curious.  I had more interest about last week’s Thursday Thought than almost anything else I’ve ever written.  WHY?  Could you take a moment and let me know? Kindness Challenge Week 26 & 27: —Be intentional in sending handwritten notes or cards when […]

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Prepare for Rant:  So twice in the last week customer service failed – and I was on the receiving end.  First was the promise of an overnight delivery that took 4 DAYS to arrive.  Yes, that’s right, I said 4 DAYS!  The kicker is that the delivery […]

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