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Archive for August 2016

My Favorite New Word

CURIOUS.  Yes, that’s the word:  CURIOUS.  When engaging family members, co-workers, customers, your children – whomever – stay CURIOUS.  Being CURIOUS  is being genuinely interested.  It will result in slowing down and truly listening.  It forces me to not predict the other person’s next words or speak for […]

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Culture Changer – 3 Be’s

Be trustworthy. Be a consistent safe place for your co-workers. Be available.     Kindness Challenge Week 30:  Sit with someone so that their caretaker can have a break.

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Bertie Next Door

When Terry and I were first married we lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment and Bertie was our next door neighbor.  She and her “Rexie” had been married for a bazillion years and he had passed away not long before we moved in next to her. […]

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