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5 of 5: Cycle of Hospitality – Finale!

step1aPart 1 of 5:  PRAY.  A heart for hospitality begins in prayer.  Read on…

Hospitality is an action that gives value or meets needs of those in your community.  In prayer I ask the Lord to keep me attuned to Him, to give me His heart for people, to help me to “see” the people in my life as He sees them.  By understanding His love and compassion for His children I am motivated to act as prompted.

Prayer is where it all starts.  What has Father told you about those in your realm of influence?

step2a Part 2 of 5:  ANTICIPATE.  This is your “think tank” time.  Read on…

Put yourself into the upcoming Hospitality situation in your minds’ eye.  Look around for the needs that are being presented.  Seek instrucion from the Holy Spirit, as your Teacher, that will give you ideas of how to meet the needs of those you will be serving.  Consider hiccups that might happen.  Look for the unexpected.  Be patient in this section.  Stay here a while.  This is where you can gain great insights in setting the stage for hospitality by creating safety and value.  You may ask, “How is this different from Part 1:  Praying?”  It’s different because in Part 1 you are quiet in prayer seeking Father’s heart for those you will be serving.  In Part 2:  Anticipate you are beginning to get the full picture of the opportunity set before you.

Anticipate.  How can you slow down long enough to gather transformational insights?

step3aPart 3 of 5:  PREPARE.  It’s time to get your ducks in row!  Read on…

With your heart positioned to serve others and your plan unfolded with prayerful insights it is now time to put  your structure in place.  First, Get your team ready.  Your team will care for your guests out of the overflow. Build your team and your foundation for success is established.  Second, Make your plan, from A to Z.  Include every detail – even what you think is obvious.  Not everyone “sees”  what you see. Third, Include plans for the exceptions…because really there are no exceptions.  Fourth, Create margin.  When dealing with people the unforseen happens.  If you have margin in place you have time to adjust.

Prepare.  Is your plan in place and your team ready?

step4aPart 4 of 5:  ENGAGE.  It’s show time!  Read on…

When I was asked to develop training for the Hospitality Staff at WinShape Retreat I sought the Lord for what He wanted me to do to take care of our guests.  He clearly told me:  “You take care of your staff.  They will take care of the guest.”  Most of my energy went into training the staff:  sharing God’s Word,  building safety and community in my team, and developing processes that were simple and attuned to the needs of the guests.  I also gave the staff trust and empowerment!  Trust that the staff would minister as unto the Lord.   Empower the staff to minister under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  When we got to minister to the guests our team was ready to go!  The staff ministered in the fruit of the Spirit:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc… they spilled Jesus on the guests!  They treated the guests with unconditional love, care and concern.  They looked for opportunitites to go the extra mile to show value to the guests.  They truly enjoyed trying to find ways to bless the guest to create an unexpected grand experience.  Did we meet the physical needs of the guests?  Yes.  But remember there is more to ministry than just meeting a need.  Give value to your guests by giving of your time, attention, a kind word, and your sincere act of service – which is worship to the Lord.  Upon departure the guests would mention a clean room or a good meal…. but what was mentioned the most was the manner in which they were served – with genuine hospitality!

Engage.  Does your daily interaction with your customer reflect genuine hospitality?


Part 5 of 5:  Experience God:  It’s all about transformation!  Read on…

Here is THE MOST ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PART OF HOSPITLITY!!!!  With PEOPLE in mind:  we have PRAYED, we have ANTICIPATED, we have PREPARED, we have ENGAGED and now let’s focus on Part 5 – EXPERIENCE GOD, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with us.  Yes, that’s what I said.  It’s all about God!  If you are in the PEOPLE business then I pray you have a heart that is all about PEOPLE.  God does.  His heart is that all of us Image Bearers would live life abundantly.  It just could be that when people are on your turf that with your Steps 1-4 in place that the GREAT I AM can take center stage and deposit a transformational nugget that will bring a new facet of abundant life!

Experience God.  What transformational nuggets have happened on your watch?  It’s time to Praise Him!!!!

***CYCLE?  You may ask, “Where is the cycle in this?”   It just looks like a 5 part series.  Could it be that when folks have experienced genuine hospitality resulting in transformation that they too have a desire to then share genuine hospitality with others?  Could it be that after experiencing God that folks would be drawn to PRAYER to capture Father’s heart about people?  And the cycle begins again.  Something to ponder, right?



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