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Can I Have Your Shoes?

I traveled to Haiti last week.  One of the women I traveled with, Bobbi, lived with her family in Haiti as missionaries for 17 years.  Seventeen years with no running water and with no electricity to purposely show God’s love to the Haitian people.  EVERY where we went I saw the Haitians faces light up when they saw Bobbi.  They ran to her and hugged her over and over and over again.  From my perspective their mission was accomplished.   One of the vivid moments for me was when a widow approached Bobbi and asked her for her shoes.  Bobbi sat down next to the widow and they traded shoes.  The widow had Bobbi’s shoes on for a few moments then told Bobbi she didn’t care for that style.  Bobbi just laughed.  Following suit, I offered my shoes; the widow said they were too heavy for her.  I later found that it was a usual routine for this widow to ask Bobbi for her shoes.  And the widow had a preference of what she liked and what she didn’t like.  Over the years Bobbi has given the widow many pairs of shoes.  What an example of practicing hospitality!  I’m challenged.  Are you?

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