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Use Your Umbrella?

I was expecting a friend over during a downpour earler this week!  I texted her to let her know I would be watching for her and ready with the umbrella.  Sure enough, I saw her pull in.  I grabbed the umbrella and ran out to her car […]

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Then and Now

One of my mom’s closest friends was the president of the First National Bank in Mom’s hometown of Green Forest, AR.  I called him “Uncle J. Frank.”  When I was little I had a savings account there with this little blue book where I tracked my deposits.  When […]

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My dad relocated from AR to San Antonio, TX when he was 85 years old.  I live in GA.  John, my brother who lives in AR, flew into San Antonio and happened onto a taxi driver named Frank, who was great.  John said I should give Frank […]

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The Old Switcherooo!

So today I had a regular doctor’s visit – follow up to some routine bloodwork.   I show up early, sign in and sit down to wait.  My name is called by my favorite nurse in the whole wide world, Stacie.  As the door opens I see a […]

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