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Rainy Day Blessings.

It has been such a delight to serve hundreds of guests over the 9+ years I have worked at WinShape Retreat.  One of my favorite ways to serve is during pouring down rain.  Now you are thinking I’m probably crazy but I welcome this opportunity.  Our Retreat facilities are not connected so our guests at one point or another during a rainy day will have to go outside.  We have umbrellas stationed at every door.  The fun part is to anticipate where the guest will be when it is raining, make sure there are enough umbrellas there and then stand at the door and open those umbrellas for them as they exit the building.  I love to share verbiage like “Enjoy this opportunity to walk in the rain,”  or “You could try singing in the rain.”  And since we are in Georgia I usually can say “What a blessing!  We so need this rain.”  Rain could be viewed as an inconvenience  but really it is an opportunity to serve!

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