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Then and Now

One of my mom’s closest friends was the president of the First National Bank in Mom’s hometown of Green Forest, AR.  I called him “Uncle J. Frank.”  When I was little I had a savings account there with this little blue book where I tracked my deposits.  When I had money I wanted to put in savings I would get an envelope, put the currency in the envelope (one could do that back then) and write a note to Uncle J. Frank to please put this money in my savings account.  (By the way – my dad always matched everything I sent to savings!)  Mom would seal up the envelope for me including my little blue notebook.  A few days later the little blue notebook would return with the entry noted and also would include a handwritten message from Uncle J. Frank bragging on me for saving my money.

Now, fast forward 50 years to January of 2010.  I was the executor of my father’s estate.  I hit a banking problem I didn’t know how to solve.  Guess who I thought back to?  Uncle J. Frank.  I contacted the FNB of Green Forest.  (My dad actually still had active accounts with this bank!)  Uncle J. Frank is no longer living – but his son, Steve, is and Steve is now the President.  I shared with him my problem and he helped me.  Now you tell me, is that not a memory making customer service story or what?

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