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Theta Says:   Hospitality…
— offers safety,
— comfort,
— makes a platform for transformation,
— drops walls,
— values people.

Theta Does:  Bring your staff together and let Theta build your culture of hospitality through teaching, experiential learning and practical application of hospitality principals.


“She is incredibly personable, thorough, and she has the keen ability to influence.  As the camps and conferences coordinator at Berry College, Theta’s approach to genuine hospitality has fundamentally changed our conference practice.  In the survey results from over 45 camps and/or conferences for the past four years, we continue to receive “excellent” in the areas of staff cooperation, service, friendliness, timeliness and willingness to assist with changes.”
Natalie Bates, Coordinator of Residence Life, Summer Camps and Conferences, Berry College

“After preparing a multiple-day session for Cedarville University, during which Theta offered practical and humorous insights on grace and hospitality, she kindly agreed to help improve the University Admissions Welcome Center. Theta is an expert in hospitality, and gave practical advice on how to make guests feel welcome without breaking budget. I highly recommend Theta’s service!”
Charity Patrick, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Cedarville University Admissions

“HIGH PRAISE FOR The OPEN Door Consultant Hospitality Training service provided by Theta Shank.

My course at Shorter focuses on inspiring students to discover who they are, have the courage defend their name and faith, and to be bold in stepping out to share the belief in our Lord and Savor, Jesus Christ   1 Peter 3:15, 16

The curriculum is comprised of lectures on the common character virtues, A Visiting Speaker Series, and Field Trips to introduce students to the concepts of Serve Model Leadership and see examples as to how important their education, their skills, and maintaining the integrity of their name really is.  Speakers challenge students to think out of the box, and to rely on their faith, gifts,  determination to successfully pursue their goals in life.

Theta has been one of my Visiting Speakers in my series for the last 2-3 years and has been a huge hit with my students.  Her presentation is entitled, “The Practice of Hospitality”.  She is an expert in hospitality, and is so passionate about teaching it, being able to engage with students in several creative ways.  She takes hospitality as the word, and turns it into purpose, action, and influence…She brings a whole new level of understanding to what hospitality really is.

Theta’s creative ways of expressing the Hospitality Cycle, as she refers to it as:

Pray, Anticipate, Prepare, Engage, and Experience God is very effective in getting her message across.   She emphasizes the importance of engagement, and communication….and meeting people where they are in their lives, and makes them feel honored.  She makes the point that Hospitality inspires excitement, is fulfilled by action, and makes a memory strong enough to return for more. 

I highly recommend Theta and her “OPEN Door” SERVICE.  It’s a whole new way at looking at it which makes it really fun, as much as provides a service.

-Rick Johnson, retired founding director of WinShape Camps, and currently an adjunct instructor for Character Education at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia