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What’s Your Automatic Response?

I’m thinking about those automatic responses – those moments when you “spill” what’s on the inside right out there in front of everyone – even before you have had a chance to think.  Does your normal lean toward a positive response or a not so good one?  For example:  If someone in authority over me wants to speak with me I automatically believe I’ve done something wrong – I have to fight that thought EVERY TIME.  If I plan an event and it rains then somehow I believe it’s my fault that it rained.  It’s interesting to me why I automatically respond with this kind of “stinkin thinkin!”  The only way for me to combat this it to take every thought captive and then renew my mind with God’s Word.  He writes truth on my heart that helps me re-write my response when I’m in error.

There are times when my knee-jerk reaction is good.  If someone is hurt I sincerely want to help.  If someone needs something I’ll find a way to go get it if at all possible.    I give God the glory for wiring me this way;  it’s my normal and I actually quite like this normal!

Take time with the Lord and examine your automatic responses.  Investigate the good and bad of it all with Him.   Become more aware – seeking to know what is true and what isn’t.  Polish your automatic responses!

Kindness Challenge Week 26, 27, 28:

–Be intentional in sending handwritten notes or cards when you hear a praise or prayer request

–Give someone else the credit

–Pick up plates and trash from tables when least expected.

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