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You Have Permission

The other day I was running 90 miles an hour trying to accomplish “THE LIST” I had to do.  I shared my impossible-to-complete-list with my friend….who very carefully and very purposefully responded with “You have permission to NOT accomplish everything on that list.  You have permission to take care of yourself in the process of today because you matter.”  It was very interesting how I felt empowered to re-think my day because of her words.  Hmmmm….  Who in your realm of influence needs to hear this message?

  1. Love this! As Christians we sometimes have trouble not feeling guilty for saying “no” BUT I learned that children who learn before the age of 3 to say no in a proper way will have the ability to set good Godly boundaries when they are older. As an adult I have asked The Lord to retrain me in areas where I am not walking in His ways and desires. Love your Thursday Thoughts Theta! Overwhelming blessings for you and your family in 2013!

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